FUD mongering exposed: water filters

Steven Novella had a plumber come out to unplug his drains. As a bonus, he got a sales effort for a filtration system that warned about
Monochloramines in Tap Water. The literature, it seems, had correct information. The problem was that it was selected information that did not address the issues of risk versus benefit.

“decisions, however, should be made with full information, and in a proper context. It’s also useful to consider cost-effectiveness. How much money are you willing to spend to achieve what measure of risk reduction? Perhaps that money could be better spent somewhere else, and perhaps there is greater risk in the lost opportunity (for those of us without unlimited funds) from making a major purchase for dubious benefits.”

As with a lot of these FUD mongering efforts, a bit of consideration can shed a lot of light. Monochloramines have been used for 90 years and there has been no epidemic as suggested by the sales literature. Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars on something that hasn’t shown itself to be a real threat over nearly a century?

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