Power of the purse strings

Rep. McClintock (R-CA) breaks down the debt crisis

“If the Republicans acquiesce, the immediate crisis will quickly vanish, credit markets will calm and public life will return to other matters.

But a fundamental element of our Constitution will have been destroyed. The power of the purse will have shifted from the representatives of the people to the executive. The executive bureaucracies will be freed to churn out ever more outlandish regulations with no effective Congressional review or check through the purse. A perilous era will have begun, in which the President sets spending levels and vetoes any bill falling short of his demands. Whenever a deadline approaches, one house can simply refuse to negotiate with the other until Congress is faced with the Hobson’s choice of a shut-down or a default.

The Constitution says it is the House that has to allocate government expenditures. The reason for this is that the House is closer to the people with members elected every two years and should therefore be more sensitive to the mood of the citizenry.

Rep. McClintock describes the fallacies behind the ‘default’ talk and the nature of the ‘debate’ at hand. The only efforts to find ‘compromise’ have been from the House majority party but that bit of history is not getting through the pravda parade aka mainstream media which is supporting and defending the falsehoods rather than clarifying the reality.

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