We have met the enemy …

Cal Thomas says The ‘bums’ aren’t the problem: We are.

“Since Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” many Americans appear to have abandoned self-restraint, individual responsibility and accountability in favor of government as provider, protector and guarantor. The notion that people are “owed” what others have earned is primarily responsible for our enormous and growing debt. We once promoted individual initiative and people who overcame difficult circumstances. Now we seem to punish the successful and treat the unsuccessful as victims who have no hope of improving their lot without government. This is a fallacy of course, based on the results of the failed “war on poverty.”

Nothing would change Washington faster than the transformative idea that only we can make our lives better by our financial and moral choices. It’s long past time for politicians to say “eat your vegetables, they are good for you” and for citizens to comply.”

That tends to make it a ‘them’ vs ‘us’ thing and that means when ‘us’ don’t get what we want, it is ‘them’ that is at fault. That leads to the idea that the ‘us’ should throw ‘them’ (the bums) out. The conflict is between the powerful and the masses and not between ideologies. That then becomes another way that “We have met the enemy and he is us”. The ‘us’ is so busy with what we are owed, we lose sight of the fact that ‘them’ isn’t a cohesive collection and has parts that need to be supported and encouraged. ‘Both sides are the same’ is an excuse for laziness and denial.

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