Columbus Day

Jack Kerwick thinks Columbus Day is Still a Day Worth Celebrating. Why such a thought even comes to mind is because of the ideological driven historical revisionism that seems so popular.

“this campaign against Columbus—and that’s exactly what it is, a campaign—is not inspired by any disinterested pursuit of historical accuracy. In fact, none of this is about history at all. Rather, like so much else of what passes for “history” today, it is nothing more or less than “retrospective politics,” as the English philosopher Michael Oakeshott once labeled the enterprise of dressing up brute partisan polemics with references to “the past.”

The campaign against Columbus isn’t about history, it is true, but, ultimately, it isn’t even about Columbus.

It is nothing more or less than a wholesale condemnation against Western civilization.”

Diminishing Columbus also gets into finding – or creating – others who ‘discovered’ the Americas. The key in that effort is to note that Columbus marked a turn from individual exporers who visited and left to a global connectedness empowered by trade, ideas, and culture. It is the success of that effort in building a global humanity by western cultures that irritates some into severe dissonance.

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