Be careful casting stones – or blanket allegations

Reagan’s White House chief of staff compares now to then: Ending the shutdown and addressing the debt limit>/a>

“Things are different in today’s highly charged political atmosphere. Name-calling has become the norm, gridlock reigns supreme, and the president has taken the uniquely obstinate stance that he won’t negotiate with House Republicans over the debt limit or to reopen the federal government.”

He follows the meme that “one element of the Republican Party gravely miscalculated that they could defund Obamacare by refusing to keep the government open” because he judges the effort as never politically reasonable or achievable. He then proceeds to show why the effort was politically reasonable and achievable – if there was a leader in the administrative branch.

“President Obama has refused to negotiate with House Republicans. This is a lack of leadership approaching dereliction of duty. Presidents have always negotiated over the debt limit, and so should this one, just as he did in 2011.”

The facts of the matter are that it the Republicans who have offered suggestions and solutions and tried to find compromise positions. It is the Democrats who have refused any negotiation, employed government agencies as political weapons, and stood en masse on a single position no matter the consequence. The brouhaha and government fiscal uncertainty is indeed an important issue but an even more important one, a less tangible one, is that raised by a political party putting their ideology and quest for power over any other consideration and being willing to engage in questionable practices in doing so.

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