Damage done

The idea is that the need is to speak to the heart rather than to the intellect. That is very tough to do with words and much easier to do with deeds. That gives an edge to the executive when it comes to governments.

“That Obama might become vindictive during the budget and debt ceiling debates was not a huge shock, either. His nasty side has been analyzed at American Thinker many times since he came onto the nation’s political stage. What came as a twin shock to many Americans was that Obama’s weapon of choice would be the National Park Service (NPS). Nor did people expect the Park Police would blanket the nation in barricades, not only at the entrances to national parks but also around open air monuments, around private facilities leased from the federal government and on roads used to access private residences.”

Rosslyn Smith describes the damage — National Park Service: Wolves in Service Dog Harness. There may be other revelations of greater consequence but this one speaks directly to the heart. It may be that the “Scholars and consultants who study the way organizations establish and can then destroy a positive image may be studying the NPS’s sudden transformation from friendly tour guides to Brownshirts for a long time” or it may be something that elite chooses to try to sweep under the rug. Time will tell whether this really is transformative and what residue will be left with the public at large. Will it be just a more cynical view of the park service? or maybe of the government at large? or, perhaps, something more solid as a realization about distant overgrown governance and how it can be corrupted in ideology as well as money?

Time will tell. The damage has been done. The assessment of that damage is being processed in feelings and perceptions.

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