Whose country is this?

John Hinderaker says Obama’s Shutdown Theater Reaches New Low describes the case of Chris Cox and concludes

“I have always been an optimist, but no more. I no longer live in the United States of America. This is some other country I don’t recognize.”

Then there’s the Coyote Blog with three reasons to take the legal route about having his business closed in answering the question “Should I Resort to Civil Disobedience And Re-Open Our Privately-Funded Parks?

“The real question here is whether they have proper justification for doing so, or whether their suspension is arbitrary.  In another post I discuss why this action is arbitrary and unjustified … The Administrative Procedure Act makes it illegal for a government agency to make a decision that is arbitrary, capricious or an abuse of discretion. … The decision that developed campgrounds run by private companies must close, but undeveloped camping can continue, makes no sense and is arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion.”

If he went the civil disobedience route, it is his employers and customers who would be at risk and he doesn’t think this proper. His last reason is that he is all in with a company that does about half its business with the Forest service and cannot risk losing it.

There are many who are beginning to wonder just what happened to the country. Maybe they will wake up and take it back. A first step is to get past the propaganda feeding misinformation and ignorance that is a fog on the land.

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