The enemy within – calling a loss that wasn’t

The military wins, the left throws it away:

“In fairness, Giap deserved some credit for the political warfare campaign that misled countless American college students and others to march in protests to end the war. Oblivious to the realities of the war and the nature of our adversaries, the protesters persuaded Congress to enact legislation providing: “[A]fter August 15, 1973, no funds herein or heretofore appropriated may be obligated or expended to finance directly or indirectly combat activities by United States military forces in or over or from off the shores of North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia.” Put simply, Congress snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.”

“Congress betrayed the solemn commitment the nation had made under the 1955 SEATO treaty to defend South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from communist aggression.”

TURNER: Late general won Vietnam war by losing

“As we pause to reflect upon the death of Giap, we should also recall the consequences of Congress‘ decision to abandon our historic commitments and give the communists a green light to conquer South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Within three years of “liberation,” more people had been killed throughout Indochina than had died in the previous 14 years of combat.”

Many forget that Vietnam was a case of the U.S. lending help to fend off an invasion. It was one fostered by communists and other leftists under pretext of fighting imperialism and colonialism taking advantage of weaknesses after WW II. The scenario repeats in the war on terror with military successes abandoned. The result is similar with much death, much tragedy, and much misery,

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