Rollout dissonance

The tech types are a bit puzzled. They don’t really understand Why the tech-savvy Obama administration launched a busted healthcare website. The answer offered by The Verge is that “The short deadline coupled with the government’s onerous contract system all but doomed the site to fail

“The more we learn about the development of, the worse the situation looks. The site has been serving myriad errors since it launched, including preventing users from creating accounts, failing to recognize users who do have accounts, putting users in inescapable loops, and miscalculating healthcare subsidies.”

“It’s still unclear exactly what’s wrong with the government’s new online healthcare exchange, because the code isn’t public and errors make it difficult to see even the front-facing parts of the site. However, it’s now obvious that the site launched before it was ready.”

“How could the Obama administration, the brains behind the most sophisticated online political campaign ever, be responsible for something so bone-headed?”

“Technical experts say the bugs will likely be ironed out soon, but the damage may already be done. “The most important time for a new website is the first three months,” Pavley says. “After that, people don’t go back.””

Then there is the attempt to compare this to the rollout of Medicare part D. That adds up to two types of rationalizations and that implies denial behavior.

The real issue is whether or not the reasons discussed for this “busted healthcare website” describe the sort of structure that will help reduce costs of health care and improve quality.

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