The destruction of repute

One can pity the poor rangers. A once honorable service has been deployed against its mission. The damage will likely be lasting. See PRUDEN: Rangers vs. the walker brigade.

“Some of the Park Service rangers, like the ranger who told me last week that “we’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can,” are as disgusted as their neighbors. The rangers the public meets are invariably courteous, polite and eager to be helpful. They’re not responsible for the misuse of the service. That decision is made in the Oval Office.”

result? With WWII veterans and their memorials in mind:

Inspired by such heroics, the rangers of the National Park Service struck in similar dramatic fashion at the Battle of the Mall, when, in the face of a determined assault by 80-year-olds trained in World War II, the Park Service rangers, with total disregard of their own safety, held off a determined mechanized cavalry charge against a solid phalanx of orange traffic cones and yellow ‘Do Not Cross’ tape blocking access to the World War II Memorial. Before retreating, park rangers stopped the advance of a squadron of wheelchairs and the famous walker brigade, attacking in company strength supported by troops advancing on walking canes armed with oxygen canisters, bearing down on their forward positions.”

There is a lot of gratuitous closing going on – to tell the public they will be punished if they don’t cough up the money the administration wants to spend. The park rangers are casualties of the effort as the public is learning to see them as more of the crass expression of an overdone government. The destruction of repute of such government employees is worth a worry.

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