Wishful thinking

An effort to control the international arms trade that doesn’t get the support of China and Russia is wishful thinking. see FEULNER: Letting the U.N. target our guns.

“Three years ago, the Obama administration made it quite clear that unanimous global adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty was crucial, going so far as to say that “not getting a universal agreement would make any agreement less than useless.”

Sounds pretty damning. Yet fast forward to today, and we have Secretary of State John F. Kerry telling us — as he signs this very agreement — that it will “lift other countries up to the highest standards.” Not a bad trick for a “less than useless” document.”

“As Mr. Inhofe and Mr. Moran write: “Our constitutional rights are too important to be entrusted to a dangerous treaty drafted by nations hostile to the ownership of firearms by private citizens.” Let’s hope the next administration “unsigns” this pernicious pact.”

There seems to be a lot of wishful thinking – that health insurance would be less expensive when the government mandates a lot of coverage people don’t need (like pregnant care for men), for instance. Sometimes the method of finding out that reality isn’t a dream can be rather painful.

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