Spiritual warfare

“So I notice now they are … leaving it in there, but you got to remember, spiritual warfare,” Robertson said. “I mean you have people with no moral compass, it ain’t there.”…

“Duck Dynasty” star: Editors cut mention of Jesus from show to avoid offending Muslims.

It seems that the editors are adding bleeps to imply cursing that isn’t in the actual dialog and removing references to Jesus in order to placate terrorists on one the hit TV shows Duck Dynasty.

So this is yet another reinforcement of the idea that terrorism works, and jihadist intimidation and thuggery work: cowards start falling into line even without any explicit threat. “‘Duck Dynasty’ Star: Show Adding ‘Fake Bleeps’ Despite No Cursing,” from CBS Houston, October 4 (thanks to Kenneth):

The propaganda is subtle and may not be backed by a grand strategy from a central authority but it does exist and is having its impact.

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