The options (yes, they have been put on the table)

Peter Ferrara says it is Victory Over Obamacare: How To Embarrass The Democrats Into Funding The Government. His view is that the Democrats are depending upon Republicans getting the blame so the way to change this is to have the public respond to any polls by blaming Democrats. Then he explains why that would be a more rational view.

First is the matter of funding. The House, with a Republican majority, has passed a number of funding and budget bills.

“But every single Democrat in the Senate voted to keep the special exemption from Obamacare for Congress and its staff, and against the same one year delay in the mandate on working people that Obama illegally granted for the mandate on big business.”

“Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid even refused a House request for a routine Conference Committee between the House and the Senate to compromise over the Continuing Resolution to fund the government, assuring the continued shutdown Democrats are so certain will unseat the Republican House majority next year instead.”

The column also has a description of the bills offered to replace Obamacare and other efforts that have been floated to meet the issues and problems that are being stonewalled by Democrats. It all depends upon the voters. Will they continue to support the ‘my way or the highway’ crowd or will they instead at least acknowledge efforts to find ways around impasse and obstruction?

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