Fear-mongering and delusional spin

MILLER: Democrats peddle delusions to raise money off the shutdown.

” got a call at home on Wednesday evening from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asking me to donate $10 for every one of the 17 House seats it “needs to flip” to regain the majority.”

“The fundraiser said the only thing keeping people from starving to death or getting medical treatment was the president’s refusal to allow for any changes to Obamacare.”

“He intoned, “From the facts I gave you, we’re looking at a big catastrophe if we don’t do something now.”

Actually, the big catastrophe is if Democrats’ fear-mongering and delusional spin is successful in getting honest people’s hard-earned money.”

The sad fact is that so many seem to buy the extreme villification of political opponents — and buy into the meme despite the absurdity.

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