The first rule of holes

The rule is that when you find yourself in a hole, it is best to stop digging. John Hinderaker notes that the Democrats Pay Union Members to Protest World War II Vets

“Yesterday, as we noted here, the administration suffered a public relations disaster when a group of elderly vets from Mississippi, aided by one or more Republican Congressmen, pushed the barriers aside and visited the memorial. But the administration was still undeterred: a park service employee threatened to arrest any vets who may try to visit the WWII memorial in the future, while the shutdown is in effect.”

“WWII veterans visiting the memorial that was erected in their honor vs. paid SEIU protesters: great optics for the Obama administration! But it gets worse. The protesters claimed to be furloughed federal employees”

But it turns out that the protesters were not federal employees and, in fact, were ‘rent-a-mob’ employees. Today, Senator Reid was quoted as saying he didn’t care about a child with cancer and now there is the doubling down on the attempt to barricade open memorials and even hire people to protest the aging veterans who came from all over the country to see their memorial. The first rule of holes seems to have been forgotten.

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