Faulty debate, the climatologist’s example

The Coyote identifies The Key Disconnect in the Climate Debate. It is about the the false analogy [wikipedia].

“Human activity altering climate” is not the same thing as an environmental catastrophe (or one’s house burning down). The statement that he is 95% certain that human activity is altering climate is one that most skeptics (including myself) are 100% sure is true. There is evidence that human activity has been altering the climate since the dawn of agriculture. Man’s changing land uses have been demonstrated to alter climate, and certainly man’s incremental CO2 is raising temperatures somewhat.

The key question is — by how much?

This is why there is so much fuss about every climate model being wrong in predicting global temperature averages over the last fifteen years or so. The alarmists have taken the extreme position of those models as Truth and there is significant dissonance being caused by reality not going along with that ideology. That dissonance shows in the use of the ad hominem and other logical fallacies as well as the psychological denial behavior so readily evident that inhibits proper discussion of issues centered on the topic.

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