Languange barriers as an ideological weapon for propaganda

People seek reassurance of being OK especially when they know deep down that they are wrong. Selwyn Duke takes a look at recent headlines and asks: Pope Francis Said What?! Actually, No, He didn’t. It is a take down of media distortions.

“Yet there are many reasons why media distort the pope’s words. First, they’ll do anything for eyeball-grabbing headlines. Second, Catholic theology has been forged over 2000 years, is very deep, and thus doesn’t lend itself to sound-bite presentation. More significantly, it cannot be understood by sound-bite commentators with 15-second attention spans who, sadly, interpret things knee-jerk style via the prism of their own prejudices. Third and in keeping with this, liberals exist in a realm of rationalization, anyway, and thus can truly convince themselves that their feelings-derived “sense” of someone’s meaning is gospel. The fourth factor is simple.

Leftists are dishonest.”

He notes that Pope Francis is rather gregarious and “talks to anyone and everyone about anything and everything” and notes that “This is dangerous for any public figure.”

That is the way ‘debate’ works these days. Everything you say can and will be used against you no matter the lack of intellectual integrity involved in selection and interpretation. The more material you provide, the more ammunition there is available for this sort of attack. … but this gets into the IRS scandal, the voter ID brouhaha, and similar issues.

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