Prosecutor’s (in)discretion

The list grows. Jeffrey Scott Shapiro describes how High-profile cases show a pattern of misuse of prosecutorial powers

“last week’s reversals in the cases of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and five New Orleans police officers are part of a troubling pattern reminiscent of the Soviet criminal justice system — a system in which the state is always right, even when it is wrong.

In both cases, the judges who overturned the original trial-court verdicts cited instances of prosecutorial overzealousness and abuse of power, making the two cases the latest high-profile trials to run aground on the basis of misconduct by the state’s attorneys.”

Complex laws that can be subject to interpretation do not help on this issue.

This is another issue where the ‘both sides do it’ excuse doesn’t fit reality. There is a bias that leans heavily in one direction. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be after you some day.

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