Partisan forest fires

It is a Trend That is Not A Trend: Rolling Stone Wildfire Article that serves as “an absolutely great example of an article that claims a trend without actually showing the trend data, and where the actual data point to a trend in the opposite direction as the one claimed.” … “What I want to delve into is the claim by the author that wildfires are increasing due to global warming, and only evil Republicans (who suck) could possibly deny this obvious trend (numbers in parenthesis added so I can reference passages below)

It is like another columnist noted in regarded to the latest shooting tragedy. The form of argument doesn’t make any sense but those who oppose some particular position are evil, subhuman, or whatnot.

Then, of course, when the facts of the matter are dismissed and you’ve spent a lot of time castigating those who don’t follow the same dellusions, you accuse them of obstructionism and blame them for everything you can think of … and appear really puzzled as to why nothing gets done.

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