The long war: protecting rights

Yesterday, two Colorado congressmen were recalled for their votes against gun rights. Today, Miller notes that the National gun registry gets head start as Maryland compromises gun owners’ privacy.

“Gun owners place a high value on their privacy. Anti-gun politicians realize this and are hoping they can use the prospect of entering their names into a gun registry to scare these Americans away from buying a firearm. Every time these gun grabbers get caught in the act, Second Amendment supporters need to cry foul.”

“The larger issue is how much Americans can trust the federal government with registration lists of gun owners. Our Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment specifically so that an armed civilian populace could protect the nation from a tyranny.”

The efforts in Maryland are not only to ‘out’ gun owners in a public registry. It also involves putting bottlenecks on the background check process and complicating procedures to make in onorous and expensive to comply. It is an ongoing war against the individual and it isn’t one bothered by intellectual integrity.

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