The greatest scandal of our times

John Hinderaker describes how The Democratic Party Lies For Money in an incessant email campaign to raise funds by demagogueing its opposition.

“I have documented many times the hysterical appeals and outrageous lies that the Democratic Party uses to raise money from its gullible followers.” … “Huh? “Reckless threats to destroy Medicare and Social Security”? Where were they?” … “One of the ironies here is that President Obama and the Democratic Congress cut $700 billion from Medicare as part of the Affordable Care Act. This fact goes entirely unremarked in the Democrats’ emails and, as far as I can tell, is entirely unknown to the party’s faithful.”

“Millions of voters get emails like this one every day. They are filled with misinformation and outright lies, but the vast majority of Democratic voters are low-information and don’t know any better. The party’s leaders know it, and they cynically prey upon their voters’ ignorance. Every leading Democrat, from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton to Nancy Pelosi, knows what their party is up to, and condones it–as long as it raises lots and lots of money. The Democratic Party’s eagerness to lie for money is the great political scandal of our time, yet it goes almost entirely unremarked.”

While creating completely bogus straw men to create fear and raise funds is a scandal, the real worrisome issue here is how such behavior is defended. Deluding others is a scandal. Deluding one’s self takes it to a whole new level. ‘Greatest scandal’ indeed.

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