Race wars, a tangled web with the victim count growing

The Zimmerman case was a matter of running a flag up the pole to gather the troops, it seems. John Lott takes off from there on Obama’s Racial Imbalance:

“Would these attacks have occurred without the perception that Zimmerman was motived by race? Maybe. The Zimmerman case could have been only an excuse for attacks that would have taken place anyway. Nevertheless, the list of attackers who explicitly mention Trayvon’s name is long enough to be disturbing.”

Then there is a detailed look at the campaign to elevate the Zimmerman case from what it was to what is wasn’t.  Is This What Ryan Julison Intended All Along?.

“Many people are noticing the uptick in young black males attacking, and in some recent cases, killing, white people. One of the connections that joins them all appears just below the surface. Each of these events are connected, and each of these connections are being totally ignored by the media.”

Investigations reveal that there are connections to other race war battles. The leadership in this war has been noted, especially in the relationships between the current administration and some of the well known race baiters. Much like the terrorism war, it is a one sided campaign permeated by political correctness and driven by malicious propaganda.

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