Louder doesn’t mean better

The topic is Fracking. The technology has been around for a long, long time but recent advances have made it much more productive and that gets the greens going. Via Meadia notes the brouhaha centered around Balcombe in Gread Britain.

“Fletcher was careful to note that the Church holds no official position on the matter, but his plea for cooler heads echoes our own in the American context. The loudest voices in this discussion are often the ones least grounded in fact.”

Logic, reason, and experience do not support the opposition to the technique so a tantrum is in order. Why is another question. Plentiful local energy resources tend to be a boon for those on the bottom of the economic ladder and the lessening of dependence on foreign energy has its benefits as well.

The loudest voices in a political debate and the most shrill deserve the greatest skepticism.

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