How do they get away with it?

TYRRELL: Sociopaths and Democrats. Women eagerly forgive rogues, just not Republican rogues

This argument that one’s “sexual problem” is a sickness rather than a vice is not new in American life. President Clinton survived impeachment by relying on it. So perhaps we can understand why the fiend Castro should trot it out again.

Yet maybe we ought to turn our attention to the voters, at least to the Democratic voters who are supporting these candidates despite their sexual aberrations. Bear in mind these sexual aberrations were committed against women. How do you explain that the very Democrats that declaim against the Republicans for waging a “war on women” are supporting candidates who harass women, traffic in women, and publicly expose themselves to women?

Voters don’t seem to care, at least in certain circumstances. Belong to one group and you are OK. Belong to another and you are evil. There’s a name for that sort of classification and it is ugly.

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