ALLARD: A generous second coat of the Benghazi whitewash. CNN won’t challenge the White House with tough questions.

“Like CNN on Wednesday evening, the review board made reasonable noises, but couldn’t reach a conclusion any better than a proverbial room full of economists. Cynical observers such as, say, Rep. Darrell E. Issa have even voiced suspicions that the main purpose of the board was to provide political cover for State Department bureaucrats and their esteemed then-secretary, Hillary Rodham Clinton. To ensure scrupulous objectivity, CNN even interviewed Mr. Issa — but mostly asked him about the use of Benghazi as a Republican fundraiser or — even worse — a poison pill against a future presidential run by Mrs. Clinton.”

This sounds a lot like the various ‘investigations’ into climate research improprieties. Stack up a pile of whitewash efforts that do all they can to avoid the elephant in the room and then use the number of ‘investigation’ results to ‘prove’ that all is well and the deniers (or Republicans) should just shut up and get with the program

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