Still after Bush …

Mike Masnick says It’s Dangerous For Free Speech When We Confuse Leakers With Spies (from the they’re-not-the-same dept). The problem he has is about what isn’t the same. A spy doesn’t become a whistleblower just because you like the results. The ideology over fact bias shows in the escalation of opinion to judgment in regards to the Bush administration:

” When we start turning the leakers and the press into “spies” we make that much more difficult, and as a result we have a less free society, and a much more controlling and abusive government.

Of course, some would argue that this is the goal. The very same article quotes former Bush administration apologist lawyer John Yoo — infamous in part because of his tortured legal defense, twisting the clear meaning and intent of the Geneva Conventions in order to pretend that the US could use torture as an interrogation technique without violating the rules. Not surprisingly, Yoo doesn’t have any problem at all with condemning leakers as spies. … Of course, Yoo is either woefully ignorant or flat out lying”

The idea that Yoo might not be ignorant and might indeed be truthful is not in consideration and that means that very mean nuances and implications of an ideology are also being denied. It is part and parcel of playing mind games with the difference between a whistleblower and a spy as well as the dismissal of any whose opinion differ:

“those in power don’t seem to much care for a free and fair society — because they’re in power. But for people who would like to have a government that actually represents the people, this should be a major concern.”

The cases at point both involve not just whistleblowing – the reveal of improper behavior – but also the release of confidential information. That release of information distinguishes between whistleblowers and spies. There is also the issue of following appropriate procedures. Special procedures have been established for the disclosure of improper behavior by government entities and a whistleblower would use them. That was not the avenue taken by the people Masnick is trying to defend. Instead, the attempted to gain notoriety by violating their employment agreements and exposing information that could be used to great harm by others who hate the United States.

The signs and symptoms are there. The pattern is one of logical fallacies, denial, and a lack of intellectual integrity. Rationalizing and blaming do not make the case.

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