The insidious war on rights

It’s about tactics in the war on the right to bear arms: Ark. attorney general says school must name teachers in gun program. It started with a newspaper that wanted to ‘out’ those in the school district program that were trained, equipped, and deputized as ‘private security.’ Attorney General Dustin McDaniel offered an advisory opinion regarding the FOIA request:

“”Given the unusual duties and responsibilities the school district intended to assign to the ERT members, I must conclude that knowing the number of ERTS members and their identities would shed great light on the school district’s performance of its duties,” McDaniel wrote. “In my opinion, though the privacy interest is weighty, the public’s interest is at least as weighty, which means that the record must be disclosed.””

In other words, the privacy of the teachers is a minor consequence because anyone who wants to plan another school attack has a higher need to be able to get the information they need to do the most damage. One has to wonder about just what it is that is such an important public interest to be able to identify exactly who is carrying weapons and who is not. It seems to almost be voyeurism on the part of the newspaper – maybe peeking into bedroom windows will also be considered a similar “weighty” public interest by the AG?

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