Who is your hero?

Bob Owens is asking: A Perfect Neighbor? Considering George Zimmerman, Post-Circus – “How many of you have numerous acts of decency and bravery in your past?”

In this jaded, isolated age when people simply don’t care about their communities and refuse to get involved, George Zimmerman chose to try to be the perfect neighbor. He cared, and dared to stand up against the injustices he perceived, even when it seemed few else did.

How many of us can claim the same?

And still an ad for Dan Mason radio talk show mentions the ‘Zimmerman out of the car myth’ while claiming people should be better informed.

At least there is some discussion about the fact that Martin was not the young innocent child but rather a young adult who held fights and drugs and gangs as his role models and behavior standards. There is some notice of the plague of fatherless young men whose ideal isn’t public service, heroism, or family. The sad part is that these hoodlums are held in high esteem while those with Zimmerman’s service to community and actively caring for others is condemned and ridiculed and persecuted.

Neighborhood watch? Intrusive stalking. Self defense? How dare anyone? — just what is it that drives this bent of insanity?

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