The IRS scandal may be on the MSM’s back burner but the investigation continues to cook.

“the assault on George is the latest chapter in a scandal whose investigation has become a bitter political battleground. When IRS officials fingered a couple of rogue agents as the culprits of the political discrimination, Democrats and Republicans alike issued their condemnations. But as congressional investigators have traced culpability to senior levels of the agency — last week, to the former head of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Unit, Lois Lerner, one of her senior advisers, and lawyers in the chief counsel’s office — Democrats have increasingly turned their ire away from the tax-collection agency and toward the IG.”

Eliana Johnson describes The Smearing of J. Russell George and how “House Democrats have turned their ire toward the IRS inspector general.” It is another example of differences in tactics between the parties. Democrats tend to create solid blocks displaying rather creative defense and denial when one of their own is under inspection. Republicans tend to join the search for truth when it is one of theirs.

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