Intellectual Integrity? What’s that

Richard Fernandez: Lying as a Way of Life

Start with Chicago’s new crime fighting strategy – “a triumph of PR over policy, fiction over reality and madness over sanity”, move on to public education in Washington D.C. and Detroit, the denial of bankruptcy in Detroit, and then to the Martin v Zimmerman fiasco.

“The facts never mattered; reality is unconstitutional. All the system cared about was Trayvon Martin the fiction; the meal ticket, the product, the Narrative. Nobody gave a damn about the actual man. In this respect he was exactly what all those illiterate multitudes in the crashing cities are: just meal tickets for a system that uses them as window-dressing to justify scams and job programs meant to benefit only political hacks.

Maybe one day people will wake up to the fact, if they can still count to one.”

“Maybe one day” ?? some would think Fernandez is an optimist.

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