Black homophobia?

Jeffrey Lord wonders: Trayvon, Sharpton, and Homophobia, Did anti-gay prejudice lead Trayvon Martin to attack George Zimmerman?

“The unmentionable in this case is the question as to whether Trayvon Martin thought that he was about to be sexually assaulted by George Zimmerman, whom Trayvon may have perceived to be gay. Did this cause Martin to attack Zimmerman? That is exactly what Trayvon’s friend and the prosecution star witness Rachel Jeantel stunningly suggested the other night to CNN’s Piers Morgan.”

The question being raised is whether the hate crime isn’t Zimmerman and racism but rather Martin and homophobia. Jeantel raises the implication that Zimmerman was being attacked because Martin saw him as a potential rapist. That turns the ‘civil rights’ thing on its head. Lord points out that the anti-gay thing is common in the black community to note that the issue is not pure fantastical speculation.

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