Another Martin victim uncovered

If the school had not been trying to manipulate statistics about crime, Trayvon Martin might have been in jail rather than on top of George Zimmerman. McCain describes How a Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led to Trayvon Martin’s Death

“As for Chief Hurley’s policy, it was the controvery over Martin’s death that accidentally exposed it. In March 2012, the Miami Herald reported on Martin’s troubled history of disciplinary incidents at Krop High. Chief Hurley then launched the internal affairs investigation in an attempt to find out who had provided information to the reporter. During the course of that investigation, MDSPD officers and supervisors described Chief Hurley’s policy of not reporting crimes by students. Chief Hurley was subsequently accused of sexually harassing two female subordinates. He resigned in February, about a year after Trayvon Martin’s death.”

A shooter, a police detective, two police chiefs, an IT guy, … quite an impressive list of casualties from the affair.

Note: another common false meme that shows up often is that Zimmerman pursued Martin, often cited as being contradictory to police request. The closest thing to a police request was the 911 operator saying Zimmerman did not need to keep an eye on the suspicious character in his neighborhood after Zimmerman had got out of his truck. Zimmerman replied “OK” and started back to his vehicle. That was when he was attacked. It should also be noted that keeping an eye on someone wandering around the neighborhood is not the same as pursuing or tracking or following them. Even some of the more reasonable pundits and reporters fall into the trap of confusing ‘watching’ with ‘pursuit’ which may be because pursuit was invented in order to rationalize the race baiting — and it stuck. One needs to be careful in presumptions, especially those that come from others with an agenda.

Also Trayvon’s Tragedy: Exploited in Death by M. Catharine Evans: “Profiting from the death of a child is sick and disgusting. Unfortunately, this describes the circle of exploiters promoting the Trayvon Martin traveling show after his death in February 2012.” The tragic story of Tyler Binstead of Virginia is used for comparison and contrast.

Reuters George Zimmerman: Prelude to a shooting provides background on the shooter for a comparison and contrast to that of the victim described by Evans.

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