The Kruidbos affair

IT guy finds evidence; asks his lawyer because he might have legal liability for his boss withholding that evidence from the defense; lawyer turns over the evidence; the IT guy is fired. Juston Phillips thinks It is time to disbar the Zimmerman Prosecutor.

“The Supreme Court in the case of Brady v. Maryland made it explicit that a prosecutor must turn over any evidence that might exculpate or mitigate the defendant’s guilt. Many prosecutors’ offices and many individual prosecutors offer what is called “open file” discovery where the defense can come in, examine everything in the file and copy anything and everything.”

Phillips is not alone. See SHAPIRO: The Zimmerman prosecutors’ overreach and Dershowitz to Newsmax: ‘Prosecutorial Tyrant’ Violated Zimmerman’s Rights. The reason is described by Phillips:

“Every state has ethical rules for lawyers, and there is always a special section for prosecutors. Why? Because the prosecutor has so much power, and in our system of justice has almost totally unfettered discretion. … It is painfully obvious to any fair observer that Angela Corey played to the mob and forgot her duties as a prosecutor.”

Meanwhile, the case against NBS for maliciously editing 911 recordings is likely to pick up again. The media race baiting and expecting summer race riots is being exposed. And the denial of evidence is on parade in the revenge crowd. So when you fail to see self defense as the primary issue on the tragedy of a killing, you know that skepticism is warranted and a careful checking of assertions against facts is in order. The prosecution was part and parcel of this misdirection and deceit and that is why there is a call for consequenses for prosecutorial over-reach.

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