MacArthur in Korea

Peter Brookes notes the anti US activity in Mauling MacArthur: Time to bring the Old Soldier home?. There is the usual allegation of war criminal and killing the innocents and so forth being spewed by people who want to use violence to promote their idea of peace and self determination. But you have to wonder.

Instead of unprecedented peace and prosperity, 48 million South Koreans might instead be enslaved today in Kim Jong Il’s police state. Famine is a daily reality in North Korea; over 200,000 live in political prison camps. It would be worthwhile for the protestors to remember that.

There is such a stark contrast between North and South Korea. It is the US and military commanders such as MacArthur who (twice) relieved South Korea from opressors and a fate such as that suffered by their neighbors to the north. Do they really want to emulate the situation in North Korea? That is what they advocate in their attacks on the US and its symbols. One has to wonder about whether these people are connected to reality.

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