It’s about those evil guns, not race (as the dust settles issues clarify)

The real issue involves whether you can defend yourself if you are on the receiving end of a ‘ground and pound’ and what limits are placed on how you can defend yourself. A part of this issue is how a neighborhood can defend itself against burglars and home invaders. it appears that some think one should let those wandering around a neighborhood casing houses alone and that deadly force, like with a gun, should never be used much less available for any sort of defense.

“Prosecutors in the case said Zimmerman had evil in his heart and that he crossed legal boundaries when deciding to follow an innocent Trayvon before shooting him on a rainy February night last year. Zimmerman supporters, though, say he was providing a civic duty in a post-9/11 America, where safety and crime concerns have become paramount even as overall crime rates have dropped to historic lows. … “A Zimmerman acquittal will be bad news politically to the gun prohibition lobby, which is also anti-self-defense,” writes Dave Workman for”

Zimmerman not guilty: Victory for new kind of civil rights era? “Persecution of lawful gun owners is the new civil rights battle, many Americans claim. George Zimmerman just became their icon.”

The related phenomena is that of basic honesty: “innocent Trayvon” ?? a “child” ?? profiled because of skin color ?? by a person with “evil in his heart” ?? – in part this is why the discovery problems (and the firing of one employee who brought some unpleasant data about Martin) was subject to much contention. Some are claiming they seek justice when what they really seek is revenge or a tool to use for their desires to control what others can do to defend themselves and the tools they can use in the process.

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