Shut Up! (unless you register and pay the appropriate people)

A chilling story told by Daniel Shuchman at Forbes: In Today’s America, Consult Your Attorney Before Speaking Freely

“A few wrong moves and one of the townspeople wearing ties might report him to the local election commission. He might be required to register as a Political Action Committee and make filings with the state. He could face significant administrative expenses, and need to hire a financial staff. Indeed, it would probably be best if he brought an attorney with him to the meeting, lest he run afoul of the rules regarding political speech and advocacy.

While this may sound hyperbolic if not downright absurd in America, it is the inescapable conclusion one reaches in reading the petition papers filed recently with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Edmund Corsi & Geauga Constitutional Council v. Ohio Elections Commission.”

It is a death by a thousand cuts. In this case, the ‘cuts’ are efforts to stem undue influence by people who gather together to increase their voice by creating a Political Action Committee. In this case, it is a PAC of one but that doesn’t matter. What does is that a citizen is trying to speak out and irritating the PTB (powers that be) by acting like an organized group. He must be shut up.

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