Sweep it under the rug, pretend it doesn’t matter, etc

“it will also be illuminating to see how many more Democrats on Oversight want to turn themselves into political human shields for the oh-so-sympathetic IRS. The fact that Cummings tried to do so makes it look as though the IRS isn’t the end of this particular road; otherwise, why try to end the probe with a stunt like this? Who benefits from trying to end scrutiny of the IRS’ political targeting? I don’t see much upside for Cummings if the problem stays isolated within that agency.”

WSJ: IRS Scandal not a closed case — Ed Morrissey explains — “Eliana Johnson argues in today’s Wall Street Journal that the only case that’s closed is that Cummings is running interference for the IRS and the White House.

Scandal and corruption is one thing. When elected representives put partisan politics as more important is another. Questions have been raised. The reaction to that was the ad hominem. The questions have become more persistent. The reaction to that is denial and projection. That looks just like the behaviors that can be seen in the climate change debate.

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