More on delusion

There is the story about a new book that finds [claims] many U.S. foods banned overseas for cancer links. This one is a part and parcel of the anti-human ideologies putting Gaia as God and expressing envy of the health and welfare of U.S. residents. One only has to look at such basic measures as lifespan and causes of death to see the absurdity of the claims. After that, you can get into the studies and actual measures of the effects of the villaneous substances that are behind their approval for consumption.

The next example is creating analogies between climate change and slavery. This one, too, is a synthesis of multiple delusions. One is that climate change is the “moral issue of our time.” The other is that the U.S. is the world’s hotbed of racism and slavery. If climate change were a moral issue, then it seems that it would be possible to pin down a decent measure of anamolous changes in climate and actually show the link between these changes and some immoral human activity. The efforts towards establishing these measures and observations so far have been prognostication and anticipation that haven’t matched very well to any existing reality.

As for slavery, the question is why those so hot on the issue are quite silent about the current existing slave trade. Why do they have to create episodes and incidents like they did with a Tea Party parade a few years ago?

Crackpots and cranks as usual? Or maybe something a bit more significant?

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