Just who do you worship?

Herschel Smith wonders about The Golden Calf of Gun Control:

“So guns have morphed from an inanimate object, a component made of mechanical parts, into something that can transform the personality of not only an individual but an entire community.

Unfortunately, the pitiful pastor has forgotten his theology, and made something the theologians call adiaphorous (neutral, neither good nor bad) into something with personality and intentionality. He replaces the evil in the heart of mankind with evil in objects, a form of animism.

He also worships the power of the state to transform, and thus he has turned the state into his god. “

It is the behaviors to note. They are not unusual in those who have left intellectual integrity behind and are often denied or rationalized. In this case, The Rev. James E. Atwood very likely doesn’t see himself as promoting violations of the Ten Commandments and pushing the worship of the Golden Calf but that just adds another commandment to the list of sins, Where is Moses who saw what happened to his congregation when he came back down from the mountain?

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