Being worried, very worred, and probably with justification

Herschel Smith says you have no right to invade my home or kill my beasts. It’s about another swat raid that hit the wrong address, busted a door, and killed a dog – all while the resident was elsewhere.

“They busted the door down, with a battering ram or whatever,” he told the Buffalo News. “They came in, and within a few seconds of entering the apartment, they murdered my dog. They shot her multiple times. They had no reason to do that.” Arroyo says his dog, a two-and-a-half-year-old pit bull named Cindy, was killed while chained up in the kitchen, which he discovered ridden with bullet holes.

Herschel thinks there’s a problem here.

“If the police had any smarts whatsoever, they would have peacefully stopped him on the street, while uniformed officers executed a search warrant on his home after getting a locksmith to open the door, keeping the physical plant and hardware intact.

But that’s not sexy and it isn’t statist and totalitarian.  And it doesn’t allow the police to play soldier boy.  There is moral element to these types of raids.”

He thinks the price needs to be increased on the police who engage in such tactics and make mistakes like this. The state of New York illustrates an opposite point of view as they have recently passed a law that police officers can use to go after those who use a cell phone camera to record their actions. There is a fear out there and there are good reasons for that fear.

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