Propaganda via misdirection

Net neutrality is one of those buzzwords that is used by anti-capitalists to lambaste those big evil corporations. The How to Geek illustrates the phenomena in trying to explain what is net neutrality?

“In short, “net neutrality” refers to the principle that all packets on the Internet should be treated equally, without discrimination. Internet service providers should transmit data without prioritizing the data from certain companies.”

Note that assertion about “data from certain companies.” Another tell-tail is

“Advocates of laws that mandate net neutrality for Internet service providers imagine a world where the Internet we know and love has become twisted to serve the aims of Internet service providers, many of whom have monopolies in their geographic areas:”

There are problems with that “monopolies” idea as well but that doesn’t matter if you dislike big business. There is a significant fear that those big companies are going to abuse you with the power they have because they are big. To hold that fear, a denial is needed. There must be no other option available. Of course, that is a denial of the fact that much of the I’net access is via cell phone as well as cable (the two biggest villains) and that there are very many different telephony and video service providers available and competing for your business.

What net neutrality is reall about is prioritization of services. The article says that is when “Websites like Google would have to pay service providers for priority traffic, lest they be throttled.” The reality is that companies provide service and it is the service, not the company, that is the real subject of the debate. That sort of misdirection is the insiduous misdirection that makes articles such as this propaganda and not an honest answering of the question posed.

The real issue is about whether to allow network connection service providers to give your telephone or video connection a higher priority than a software update download. The latest protocols, developed in the 90’s and just being implemented added this capability for very good reasons.

Another bit of denial going on is that one solution to the problem is more bandwith and the large companies from cable to cell to even the landline telephone services are making major investments in both back end and customer access capabilities. That sort of fact tends to go against the grain that the big companies are out to screw customers rather than serve them. One illness in thinking is just that predisposition about others: they are evil and out to get you. Such a bias has never lead to happy outcomes.

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