Obsession: Race

“There are many reasons for this sad situation but the main cause is that the perverse equivalent of a national lynch mob took form in which President Obama and Attorney General Holder played shamefully prominent roles. So did racial entrepreneurs such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Spike Lee, as well as the Black Panthers.”

Arnold Trebach, a former federal civil rights official, describes the Forgotton Scandal. “Nothing in the Zimmerman case appears to me like those old cases I investigated. Especially important is the fact that Zimmerman was not a racial bigot, quite the contrary.”

The deck is stacked: the judge and prosecutor carefully selected; the presentable evidence carefully limited; the public carefully propagandized. The facts are clear and those on the front line made clear their original judgments. We will see if the truth will out or if it will be distorted to fit yet another obsession and world view of the politically correct.

see also Getting the Facts Straight in the Zimmerman Case by Jack Cashill.

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