Obsessions: Walmart

As a symbol of those large, greedy, evil, worker oppressive corporations, Walmart is right up there. Ross Kaminsky takes a look at The Democrats’ Walmart Obsession and yet another report purporting to show how evil Walmart really is.

“The new report, like the original, is full of economic nonsense and confusion, and so much union-fueled anger against the nation’s largest retailer and private-sector employer that it is bound to be accepted widely among Democrats and the “mainstream” media.”

The problem is that Walmart has to compete. It competes with other employers for its employees. I competes with other companies for its market. If one looks at the ‘big picture’ there are several facts that bely the ‘Walmart is evil’ meme. One is that unions have not been able to stir much interest in Walmart employees. Another is that the company is a sought after employer. The fact that the company is growing clearly indicates that it is doing quite well in competing for market share.

“But why should consumers, especially low-income consumers, pay more for products they buy every day so that George Miller can increase his campaign contributions from unions?

And as usual, champions of a leviathan state don’t even consider the question of why government interference into a private employer-employee agreement is acceptable in a free country.”


“there is one fact that would seem to trump all others: In a free society, where people can choose among their available options whatever they believe is best for themselves and their families, Walmart has more employees than any other company — no thanks to unions or Democrats.”

One of the assertions in these evil corporation reports is that there is a cost to the taxpayers due to the need for governmental support for the low wage earners. These tend to ignore one side of the ledger.

“most obvious, is the question of how much it would cost taxpayers if Walmart were not there to offer jobs to more than a million relatively low-skilled workers.

Fourth, the report never mentions the remarkable disinflationary impact of Walmart, and how this one company is probably the most effective anti-poverty program since the industrial revolution.”

It is enough to make one wonder just what it is that causes such delusion that warrants the psychological escape via the distortion of reality. Do they really want higher prices for basic goods or more people on the streets unemployed? really? This is where their obsession leads.

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