Corporation bashing; research division

The corporate entity seems to be a favorite target for all kinds of evils. The assault on WalMart for its community impact and anti-union stance is one example. Campaign finance such as the DeLay accusations provide another. Iain Murray describes another tack in Nationalizing Science

It seems as if you can’t turn anywhere without hearing that industry is destroying science these days. … All these allegations have a similar purpose: to delegitimize industry’s involvement in the scientific process.

For other links, such as the protestations of the anti-Miers folks that they aren’t elitists, consider this position in a contrast.

The distinction between basic science and applied science (and its development) is, at heart, an elitist and artificial one.

‘Pure’ science means academics with the kind of record the anti-Miers are looking for in judicial nominees.

Approaching science policy from the viewpoint of the narrow base of basic research is foolish. We need to accept that industry is driving science and the American economy, and we should welcome and celebrate that fact as a triumph for the American entrepreneurial spirit.

and this not only applies to science but to other fields. Academia is not the only source of what makes the US the powerhouse it its. The anti-corporate bias is tainted with a theoretical theology of academic pure and misses the organizations, such as corporations, that show their mettle by putting knowledge to practical use.

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