Psychological committment and how it is expressed: climatology edition

The global warming scientific establishment is starting to look like the final days of the Soviet Union.  On the surface it appears impregnable and the dissidents are a minor problem.  But the huge soviet edifice quickly collapsed when people lost their fear of the system and the functionaries stopped following orders.  There came a point when everyone decided to stop living a lie.  I can’t believe, for example, that every faculty member at Texas A&M is really happy about signing a climate loyalty oath. ”

Norman Rogers uses Roy Spencer’s case as the example to illustrate the behavior of those who are deeply sunk in the ‘human causing global climate catastrophe’ camp.
When the Texas A&M Oceanography and Meteorology department started, its concerns were things like oyster farming in the Gulf of Mexico and understanding how Gulf temperature profiles influenced the track of hurricanes. Things seem to have changed.

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