Stand up and be a target: childhood vaccination edition

You’d think that the loss of a child would temper some folk’s feelings but it appears there are many out there who just know what isn’t quite so and can’t deal with reality.

“The couple has been accused of being on the payroll of drug companies; they have had their daughter’s death questioned and mocked; they have even been told to “harden the f . . . up” by an opponent of vaccination.

“The venom directed at us has just been torture and it’s been frightening, abhorrent and insensitive in the extreme,” says Toni, who has not had the strength to talk about this until now.”

Denial comes in many forms and it seems a lot of them are on public display. In this case, it is the anti-vaccinationists. Jane Hansen describes to what happened to grieving parents who dared to speak out against anti-vaccination extremists. You can find the same phenomena in the debates about climate change or nuclear power or food additives or many other issues.

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