Definition of civility: Brazille version

It seems to be a matter of viewpoint. “Incivility” Defined: It Means Criticizing Obama.

“Each sentence here as a master-stroke of the spinmeister’s pen trying to defend her guy in the White House.

  1. Note the effort in the first sentence to shift this to a bipartisan issue.  Both sides are upset.  It is a good government issue.    The implication we are supposed to draw is that this no longer can be a critique of this particular administration.  It has transcended.  This is how red-blue team political invective works.  If the outrage is coming from just one party, it should not stick to the President because because it is petty partisanship.  If it comes from both sides, it should not stick because it is a larger issue for all of us that transcends this particular Administration.  In fact, through the article, she actually makes both arguments simultaneously.  Brilliant!
  2. It’s Bush’s fault.  This is just so well-worn that Obama officials simply cannot help themselves.   How can a man the Left thought to be so stupid and incompetent still be directing affairs four and half years after he left the building?
  3. This one is really funny.  Is, as implied by the structure of this sentence and the world “even”, Carl Bernstein the least likely imaginable person to excuse Obama of such a charge?    I think I am going to start writing this way.  Even Warren Meyer thinks climate change has been exaggerated.  Even Kim Kardashian thinks its important to get a lot of PR.  Even Tia Carrere says its OK to make a bad movie once in a while.  Hey, this is fun.”

One of the diversions that should be noticed in the current scandal crop is about connecting dots. If there is any gap between point A and point B, then those in denial will refuse to accept any connection between the two points. If person A did not explicitly order event B with certifiable provenance, then the idea that A may have caused B is considered false. In certain areas, the level of evidence must surmount unrealistic barriers. That is a defense to go along with the other logical fallacies. One wonders if intellectual integrity will ever surface.

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