“it’s been personally disheartening to stand by and watch this beloved American icon as it is pressured and attacked by those who have little or no stake in the organization or interest in its mission. Their actions raise the question: Who really cares about what is best for the Scouts?”

Steven Palazzo provides his take on The Boy Scout debate. The real question is why people who have no real interest in the organization continue an assault on its values. That is a hallmark of the left: they just can’t let it be but rather have to form and shape everything into their world view whether it fits or not; whether it touches them or not. Just the existance of an organization like the Boy Scouts irks them and has to be scratched.
As Palazzo, the targets strive to accommodate, even if they win lawsuits on the extremis. That willingness to try to go along is used as a lever to push for ever more compliance with what those on the Left think should be. This, perhaps, is why one poll suggested that many see armed revolution in the future. Compliance with standards violations will only go so far before something breaks. The Left continues to push to the breaking point as, it seems, they have as much sense about that as they do reality. It has happened before and history is not providing the lesson needed to prevent it from happening again.

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