So much happening

Chuck Muth is saying that all the arguments against the Miers nomination aren’t what the words say but rather a dissapointment turned disgust that all the effort to elect a king seem to have failed to yield the desired results. Meanwhile Dr. Sowell notes that all this effort to win at the ballot box really hasn’t done that well in terms of places like the Senate. i.e. the elite right wing is displaying hubris in thinking that slim majorities can make for massive power.

Those elites who are pushing for an elite constitutional scholar as a nominee are also protesting being called elite. In doing so, the demonstrate a leftist tactic of attacking the attacker for daring to call them elite. ‘Who, moi? elite? How dare you think such a thing!’ And, of course, they are calling for the Rodney King solution (why can’t we all get along) and blaming those who refute their ad hominem arguments as not being polite in debate. At least it shows that they are just as human and emotional as the elites on the left at times.

As for hurricane disasters it is looking like the impact on jobs was also not as bad as predicted. The New Oreleans cops are under investigation for such things as whether many of them actually existed and why 200 some odd Cadilacs were commandeered from a New Orleans car dealer. The city and state leaders are also undergoing some scrutiny as well. The issues of federalism and pork are also getting some good debate, too.

Pakistan chipped in with a 7.something earthquake to show us what a real disaster can look like. Maybe 30,000 dead and many flattened cities.

The Plame Affair looking into the Plame and Wilson revelations is also progressing. The NY Times reporter who spent three months in jail finally got the prosecutor to agree to limit the field of questions so she is out. The speculation runs rampant about who will get indicted. Will we see top administration officials frog marched out of the White House in chains? Or maybe a heard of reporters? Or maybe even Plame and Wilson? No one seems to know, yet.

A former FBI director has a ‘tell all’ book out that has the MSM calling on old Clinton Era buddies to refute its assertions and allegations.

Able Danger is revealing the extent of the inter agency rivalry in the US spy community. The investigations here seem to be on simmer but may boil over at any time. There is also some potential for some threads connecting Able Danger to Sandy Berger and other interesting phenomena.

A bill promoting energy production barely passed the house by only two votes. The Democrats are promoting energy independance but only via means that have been shown to fail over the last forty years.

The U.N is trying to force control and management of the internet out of US hands. The rhetoric sounds so nice – global network should be in global hands – but there are some who have concerns about the UN’s proven history of scandal and corruption.

DeLay is attempting to have his indictments thrown out due to prosecutorial misconduct. Earl Ray hasn’t done much to illustrate a high standard of such conduct which might make the effort a bit easier. ‘Try, try, again’ is not the way the US generally practices law enforcement.

Columbus Day – a holiday for the anti-western culture folks to haul out the bromides about abuse and all the evils of those nasty white men.

Meanwhile, Wm Buckley’s 80th birthday is stimulating some retrospection about the growth of the conservative cause.

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