Denial: Communist Spies?

Two cases: Hiss-Chambers and the Rosenbergs. Both deemed innocent by the Left; both found guilty; prosecutions labeled persecutions of the innocent by those in denial. Scott Johnsom talks about commies and their friends and two books about these cases.

“Much of the opposition to Weinstein…derived not from the facts uncovered by his work, but from the need to demonize his findings lest the public realize that there really was an internal Soviet apparatus seeking to discover our nation’s top secrets. And primary in that effort was the Nation, which editorialized that Weinstein had “misquoted and misrepresented” sources and written “false history.” Weinstein, added the Nation, had “aligned himself with those Cold War intellectuals who presumably sleep better at night secure in the knowledge that there was an internal Communist espionage menace.””

Denial in these cases means trashing anything that threatens the desired view. Sound familiar?

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